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Portable wagon turntable


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Posted: Thu 3rd May 2012, 5:30am
Portable wagon turntable

I am investigating building a portable wagon turntable to "drop over" existing track in order to access various heaps of soil, hardcore etc. My initial thought is to use a "Lazy Susan" type bearing as it is thin and the bigger ones are rated up to 1 ton. I wondered if anyone has any experiences they could share?

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Posted: Thu 3rd May 2012, 7:53am

Hi Nick,
Check out 'motorcycle turntables' on the internet; although some of the diameters may appear to be less than some 4-wheel wheelbases, just fix an appropriate length of track on top. Extra side supports may be required, but for temporary use these could be any odd bits of wood. See The Goods Yard article from a previous 'News' (about 3 or 4 years ago) which mentions these (sorry I can't be more accurate as to the issue No., but all my records disappeared with computer trouble last year).
Also, if you're coming to Harrogate, my wagon turntable (for permanent positioning) will be on the Society stand; alternatively contact me by email (details inside f/cover of the 'News') and I'll take/send you a pic. with further details.
Best Wishes
Frank Sidebottom
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Posted: Fri 4th May 2012, 4:12pm

It was common on narrow gauge industrial lines to simply skid wagons on a steel plate placed on top of the track or even permanently fitted in place. If you used 6mm plate and added ramps to lift the wheels about 12mm, just enough for the flanges to ride on top of the plate, and 'V' shaped strips to aim the wheels at the chosen track it could be done with no moving parts at all. Cheers, Colin Edmondson 4443


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Posted: Fri 12th Apr 2013, 7:45pm

Hi Nick.....

Here is a link to a do-it-yourself cycle turntable using one of the 12" Lazy Susan bearings. <> If I were to build one....and the thought appeals, I have one of those bearings....I'd put a couple of battens on the bottom of the baseplate, to fit between your rails and rest on the sleepers. Then, I'd make the "track" on top of the platform by screwing down strips of alloy or steel bar sufficiently thick to clear your flanges. I'd then hinge a small "ramp" to one or both ends to get you back down to rail head height.

Just a thought.....


Mike Decker
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