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Super Elevation on curves


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Posted: Fri 1st Feb 2019, 12:14pm
Super Elevation on curves

My railway has many curves (with more yet to come) all to a standard 30ft radius, up to now all track has been laid level but except in the case of one 18 m long concreted level crossing laid all could be tweaked. coming up soon will be a 180 degree turn and several around 90 degrees, How many degrees of elevation is advisable and if the curve is also a gradient should the degree of elevation be increased?

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Posted: Sat 2nd Feb 2019, 2:42pm

The Molesworth formula (you can Google it if you wish to know more) can be used for calculating the amount of superelevation according to the gauge, speed of trains and the radius of a curve. At Abbeydale we superelevate about two degrees max but it really isn’t worth trying to calculate it exactly. What looks and feels right has worked over the years for us.


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Posted: Sat 2nd Feb 2019, 3:49pm

At Ravensprings Park we tend to be just off level using the sport level bubble being very slightly up.
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