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Home built turnouts

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Thursday 6 June 2024, 8:32 AM

6 Jun 24, 8:32 AM

Home built turnouts

As per the previous post, I am embarking on a 7.25" gauge railway round the garden. I have ordered some 21mm aluminium flat bottom rail. I have successfully built turnouts in 00, so can i also make turnouts in 7.25 using scaled up methods? I am thinking that rather than needle files on my 00, i can use my angle grinder to shape the 7.25 rail. Its 21mm aliuminuim so should be fairly soft to shape. I am also thinking to use jigs to help me get the 1:8 angles on the crossing vee rails. I am hoping to be able to bend the wing rails by holding them in the workmate and using (careful) brute force. Then bolting it through the web with spacers to assemble the vee. Point blade planing similar with the angle grinder, having marked the rail first. Is this all possible? Any advice gratefully received. I will also post this on rmweb and see any feedback. Many thanks Ian

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