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Location: Cornwall Date added: 2 April 2024 10:17 AM

£900 for everything. Will not sell individual items. Lathe and equipment to make a 7 1/4" gauge locomotive: Bench lathe: WT.TIDA; Working details book; All lathe hand tooling; Small 4jaw chuck; Spare 4jaw chuck; Face plate; many other small tooling; Concrete stands; Box of lathe spares; lathe plate disc; 12" rotary table; WT drillmill machine; Heavy duty vice; Milling collet chuck various cutters; face mills; 2 sets boxed drills metric & imperial; small bandsaw; toolsharpening grinder; belt sander; cabinet 4 shelves; small reamers various taps and dies; wooden cabinet 5 shelves; BSF taps & dies; brass taps; BSP pipe taps & dies; Metric taps; Set of metric taps and dies; High speed drills metric, imperial, spares, rotating brushes; marking kit for levelling, machine reamers 1/4 to 1"; Copper Dome unfinished; 4" Record bench vice; many BA taps and dies; 5 drawer cabinet; Model Engineer taps and dies; micrometer set 1 to 6 inches; Depth gauge; wobbler; Legs, divider, spare odd legs; Small BA taps; 2 drawer cabinet; Many hammers incl softhead; 3" pressure gauge; various bits and pieces, metal and plastics; Woodworking tools; Tall cabinet; Clamps large and small; many accurate measuring tools; Piping fittings; Hand cutting tools and hole cutter; types of glue; Overhead travelling electric crane and track; Gas torch, Peres power saw; Old hacksaw, electric hand saws; etc;

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