Articulated Sit-Astride Coaches

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Articulated Sit-Astride Coaches


Price £1,000

Date 27/06/2019 at 13:02


Location Chappel & Wakes Colne

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A magnificent pair of sit-astride coaches that operate together as an articulated set.
These two vehicles will comfortably carry many adults and/or children upon their plush padded seats, with everyone able to face the direction of travel for maximum enjoyment. The side footboards keep feet safely within the coach profile, and these are marked 'Do Not Step' on one side for awareness to avoid standing on the boards when boarding or alighting.
Due to their articulated chassis arrangement, the coaches run very smoothly and will negotiate points with ease. No train brakes or parking brakes are included, but could be added by the buyer if desired.
Dimensions: 16' 8" total length, 2' 0" wide, 1' 10.5" high
Price: £1,000 as a set

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